Creeping Dragon Art

It has been a while since I have documented my artistic activity as it has been fairly limited due to work commitments.

I had a great deal of trouble casting the bonsai trees at the beginning of my little experiment as the resin isn’t supposed to come into contact with any moisture and as you can probably guess there is still a fair amount of it in the roots of the little trees even though they are dead.  This wouldn’t be much of a problem but when the resin does come into contact with moisture it a) gets very very hot when setting and b) creates cracks and ripples around the roots.

The outcome of this has been a prolonged period of trying to find something cheap to solve the problem because even though the effect the reaction of the resin has is quite cool it isn’t quite what I want.

Luckily for me I was at work the other day unpacking something and came across a little pack of silica gel which is supplied with some products to help keep the moisture out of them… and suddenly a light clicked on in my head and I realised I had found my solution quite by accident.

The silica gel packets have been a great success and I am not beginning to make sculptures far more frequently.

See images added on Gallery Five  for a few previews.

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7/10/2010 08:12:26 pm

Looks like the trees are coming along well now. Surprising how a problem can be solved quite unexpectedly, as it must have been very frustrating.


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