Creeping Dragon Art
My recent exhibition at St Margarets Church has been a relative success. Everyone I had a chance to speak to about my work seemed really positive about it and even better a lot of them said they hadn't seen anything like it before (which is excellent as it means I am on the right tracks to getting noticed!).
I also had a bunch of greetings cards printed out so I have a more affordable option available to sell if anyone likes my images. The cards are decorated with prints that can be seen in Gallery Two.
If you would like more info/ would like to buy some cards please Contact Me.
Now I am moving on to concentrate on my bonsai project with renewed vigour as the exhibition is creeping ever closer!

08/10/2010 3:09am

Hi Charlotte. I liked these pictures very much. They were very different from your other work, and very appealing to the eye - at least that's what I found.

02/09/2012 10:33am

Good post dude


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