Waiting for the ingredients - Creeping Dragon Art
Creeping Dragon Art
I have now officially ordered the resin for my first set of castings. As it costs so much for not a lot (£15 for 1kg of resin) I think I am going to have to adapt my ideas a little and fill the bottom of the vases with some form of stones or other decorative beads/objects.

I have had a lot of really positive feedback about the ideas and am getting really into the designing part of the project, Just getting a little frustrated waiting for the resin to arrive as I want to play with that as well!

Oh and if anyone in the Norwich/Norfolk area has any dead bonsai trees or other small trees that haven't survived for one reason or another I would be very happy to take them off your hands.

By the time I next post I am hoping to be a seasoned pro in the field of resin casting!

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