Creeping Dragon Art
Below is a painting which I created as a background for a series of House Concerts running as part of the Hostry Festival in Norwich.
I am really pleased with how it has come out and have had a lot of positive feedback so far.
Having just finished my submission to paint a new front cover for Norwich's Hostry Festival brochure I thought it would be nice to share.

It took me a surprisingly short amount of time (a few evenings) and I really enjoyed the looseness of the painting as a sharp contrast to the high detail work I have been doing recently.

My image is based on the fantastic photograph by Paul Tyagi which is currently the front cover for the festival brochure.
I have finished my second commission from the pub I work at and here it is:

I am really pleased with the way it came out and think it is my best yet.

I am now embarking on a self portrait.

Let me know what you think about the commission.
I am currently in the middle of my second painting of a pub scene which I am hoping to expand into much more in the future.

Also, I have been experimenting with silver precious metal clay and will soon be posting some photos of what I have done.
Just a few new paintings added to Gallery Two. They were done at work to demonstrate the differences between different oil paints.

Soon to appear will be a timeline of the most recent work I have completed, showing
In the middle of a painting at the moment so thought I would publish a half finished image so you can see some of the process involved! Am having a nightmare with the top half of the dress at the moment but will get back on it this afternoon.
Had a great time playing with Pebeo products at work today.

We got to use the new range of paints that has just been released called fantasy and also got to experiment with painting in resin.

The results were looking amazing when I left today, so many bright colours and different textures, tomorrow they should all be touch dry though and the final results will be visible!
I have finally got back into painting having taken a fairly sizeable gap in creativity. I realised I do just need to get on with it otherwise nothing will ever happen to make me want to paint more!
I have also very kindly been offered some space on the walls at the pub I work at so I will have my own little gallery once I have some work to put in it.
Finished products will be uploaded as they are completed.
Recently entered three of my bonsai sculptures into an exhibition at The Forum in Norwich.
Fingers crossed that actually goes somewhere!

I am going to be looking into making some jewellery in the near future as I have a lot of resin left over from my bonsai project.
I will probably be looking at abstract objects to start with and then possibly adding a bit more detail to pieces as I get more used to working from a mould.
Look forward to the pictures!